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Therapy Background

Therapy wherever and whenever you need it.

What’s the background to our therapies?

Through the HUSH.today watch, we bring to you the results of global academic research and best therapy practice  The neuroscience and psychology is very complex so we’ll talk in general terms about the background to our therapies.

There is much ommon ground here with mainstream therapies such as EMDR, CBT and Resource Tapping along and Polyvagal theory.

A simple way to understand much of this is to highlight that where the attention goes, the body follows! The HUSH Therawatch provides the alternative attention and actively encourages you to follow it.


Some therapies guide the brain and the nervous system to follow a calmer path by using stimulus to entrain your breathing, heart rate or brainwaves depending on what therapy mode you choose.


Using sound, vibration or visual stimulation some therapies will guide your thought process away from what is causing the worsening mental health. 


Some sounds and vibrations can help bring heart and breathing rates down as they provide an alternate focus for your thinking


Using an approach called ‘Resource Tapping’ you can train yourself to return to calmer place when a stimulus by the watch is applied.


By directing your brain left-right-left it’s been shown that you can be directed to a calmer place. This approach is also used to great effect by specialist therapists in a process called EMDR.


By helping you to listen to your body though sensors in the watch we can help guide you back to a calmer place – using gentle vibrations, sounds or screen displays.


– Low frequency (Infrasound) vibrations

– Track & entrain breathing, heart-rate, vagal nerve activity
– Distract though intensity
– Safe place trigger with ‘Resource Tapping’
– EMDR with therapist & two watches
– Exploit biofeedback


– Bilateral stimulation

– White or pink noise
– Binaural stimulation
– Audio files (such as meditation, 8D audio)
– Exploit biofeedback


– Distraction – something to focus on

– Entrainment – biofeedback
– EMDR (with therapist – HUSH Lights needed)